Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Lemon + Peppermint Essential Oils Review

With the new changes and subsequent new schedule, I haven't had much time for blogging lately, but I've had the opportunity to review some products, and I wanted to share!

Instanatural essential oil review: lemon and peppermint

InstaNatural sent me a bottle of lemon essential oil and >peppermint essential oil.  (They were going to send some lavender EO, too, but I think they ran out.)  I've wanted to explore what EOs could do for me and my household for a while now, so I was excited for this chance to try them out. 
Unfortunately, I haven't gotten to research or test as much as I did with the tea tree oil I tested last year.  While I plan to experiment more with my EOs, so far I've only gotten to put some drops in my homemade hand soap and in an oil diffuser.  I use Wellness Mama's recipe for foaming hand soap, and I currently have a bottle in our kitchen and bathroom.  I've put some lemon EO in the kitchen's soap and some peppermint in the bathroom's, but it's taken more drops than I thought it would for the soap to smell like the EO.  With the diffuser, too, it's taken more than I thought it would.

When I first opened the bottles, though, the smells were quite potent.  There was no escaping the pure scents of lemon and peppermint.  It's comforting to know that the smells come from the oils of actual peppermint leaves and actual lemon peels; they aren't artificial scents.  I know that not all chemicals are bad, but I also know that it's easier to trust natural sources for things like added scents and flavors.

In the near future, I'm going to be reading more about the health benefits of lemon EO and peppermint EO.  It's amazing how such simple oils can have such powerful effects on the human body.  I love citrus scents, so I'm very interested in using lemon EO as a mood lifter.  I plan to put it in any new cleaning products I make, too.  A lemony house always smells like a fresh house to me.  I think the smell of peppermint is a quizzical blend of energy and calm.  A whiff of peppermint opens up my sinuses and make my eyes alert.  I'd like to try adding a couple drops to homemade ice cream and using it as aromatherapy when I'm sick and congested.

Do you use any essential oils at home?  Have any recipes you'd like to pass along for me to test out?

This post is sponsored by InstaNatural and made possible by BrandBacker.  While I did get the product for free, these are my own thoughts and my honest thoughts, as always.

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