Tuesday, March 31, 2015

On Aging Gracefully and the New Trend

I just saw that #grayhair and #grannyhair is trending (as in, girls are dying their hair awesome shades of gray), which reminds me: I have many gray hairs, and they're slowly multiplying.

When I found my first gray hairs in high school, they were easy enough to pluck out.  Thankfully, no one, not even the girl behind me who would point them out, made a big deal of them.  I would hold the yanked hair between my fingers, laugh, and casually mention that my mom's hair was mostly gray by the time she was 18.  When my thought process gets to that part, though, the part where my mom started dying her hair its original dark brown color before reaching her 20's, my mouth stops the family story.

I'm 26 and, and I already have an established gray streak near by temple.  This is what I'm going to do about it
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I don't want to dye my hair.  At least right now, I don't think I do.  For one, I'm cheap, and I don't want to invest tons of money on maintaining an artificial outward appearance that naturally comes with age.  Another thing, though, I would love to be happy with my hair, how it naturally is, and dying it could lead me into worrying more about it than I would like.
There have been times when I've noticed more and more gray hairs cropping up when I've gone on a rampage and pulled them all out.  Like many people, I want to be young and beautiful, now and forever, and the offensive strands of hair don't fit into that plan.  I have never been in much control of what my hair looked like anyway, but if I could stop it from turning gray, I was going to do my darnedest to try.  The most hairs that turned, though, the more I wanted to give up trying to change my hair destiny.  Besides, what an interesting thing, an adventure, to give up control in this area of my life?

Now, I have a very obvious section near my right temple that has many gray hairs.  I part my hair on the left, so the gray section is usually covered, but if I have all my hair in a ponytail, it's visible to those looking for it.  I like to compare myself to Rogue.  She's one of the tenacious and awesome X-Men characters, and she has white streaks of hair around her face.  Then I see girls making gray hair look particularly sexy in posts like these, too.  Having gray hair does not always indicate age, it definitely doesn't define a person, and oh my gosh, Lindsay, it's not the end of the world anyway!

And so, I think I will let my hair gray naturally.  The new gray hair trend makes me wonder about even dying it gray early, once more gray comes in.  I have a bit more time to think about it, but I wanted to go ahead and put this into the universe.

What do you think about gray hair?  About aging?  About hair dye?

Fun fact: I had the tips of my hair dyed red once while in college.

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  1. Hats off for this article. Aging doesn't have to be a grueling experience. We can all age gracefully with physical activity, choosing to eat healthy and having a positive mindset.


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