Monday, September 21, 2015

One Fundamental Rule for a Minimalist Wardrobe

Back when I was teaching my Korean students about how to take care of the planet and about The Three R's, we often went of the best way to stop the trash cycle: REDUCE.  Basically, if you use less to begin with, then you're wasting less, throwing away less, spending less, and worrying about less.  All of this translates perfectly to what I understand of the minimal lifestyle and minimal wardrobe, as well.
Rule #1 for maintaining a minimalist wardrobe
Photo by Chelsea Francis, via Unsplash
See, if I focus on having less and maintaining an minimal wardrobe, then the pieces I do keep and the pieces I bring into my wardrobe are (in theory) going to be high quality, comfortable, flattering, and greatly appreciated pieces, right?  Then, if I've stayed on track and stayed faithful to only bringing these high quality pieces in, after a year or so, I doubt I'd even want to bring in a poorly constructed trendy piece.  I think that once you start the cycle, if you stick with it, careful selection will breed careful selection, and the habit will have become a lifestyle.  At least, that's my hope!

The tricky part is waiting until I have the money and have put in the thought to purchase a good, solid piece.  (In fact, coming up soon, I'm going to have to spring for some new pants, and I'm not really sure of where to go for something that won't wear out after a few months.)  I remember when I got a new job where I had to wear business dress, and I had to get cheap clothes fast.  A few months later, I had to get some more because my first shopping trip had brought home clothes that either ripped, pilled badly, or just never looked that good.  In the case of most of those clothes, though, I didn't like them that much in the first place, I had just needed something to wear.

Turns out, patience is your best friend in this process, and it's important to keep an eye out for where your weaknesses are so you can bar yourself against jumping the gun on clothing that won't last and will be a waste of money and space.  I saw this post a few months ago and wanted to pass it along as good advice for what situations to be aware of when you're trying to cull a minimalist closet and NOT BUY MORE THAN YOU NEED.

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