Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Happy September!

Another new month and another new start!  What do you have planned for the next 30 days?  Here's what I'm most excited for.

Hiking in Chattanooga
My two favorites when we went hiking in Chattanooga this summer

#1 September 19th is when Doctor Who comes back in season 9!!  Woohoo!
#2 Okay, okay, I'm actually more excited to be going camping this weekend with my husband and our dog.  This will be our first time camping as a couple, and while I'm a little nervous about how Mako will handle everything, I've been trying to find advice on the best way to travel with him.  Let me know is you have any tips!
#3 My sister is getting her (very late) birthday present this month!  I'm taking to a tattoo shop for her first tattoo, a fern shadow on her foot.  Stay tuned for pics and stories!
#4 My dear friend Monika is getting married!  I love weddings, I love this girl, and I love that this great guy and girl are getting together!
#5 Also, our own anniversary will come up on the 14th.  We don't have any big plans, but we'll probably head to a nice restaurant for some delicious food (one of our favorite pastimes).

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