Friday, September 25, 2015

Recommended with "Happiness"

One fun thing before I start with recommendations, one of my blog posts was featured on Pro Flowers' blog this week!   I'm always honored when someone notices my work and shares it with others.  I'm so glad the folks at Pro Flowers enjoyed reading about my Japanese dinner party!

This time, for your listening pleasure, I want to share "Happiness" by J√≥nsi and Alex.  This is one of those painfully beautiful songs, to me.  The kind that wraps and grips something deep within you so tightly, and you don't even really know where it's coming from, but it brings you to tears.  Ugh, this music.

And for the rest of our links...

Oh my gosh, this doorway!

Speaking of hair, did you see this parody of every beauty vlog ever?  Made me laugh.  :)

Some great (and funny) advice for these last days of summer

These LSD self portraits are mesmerizing.

I didn't realize ebay ran a blog!  I wish I could incorporate some of the things in this boho decorating post, but most of the tips go against the minimalist feel we've been trying to achieve (and our budget)!

I love this beautiful kitchen.  That jungle green back splash with the bright copper hanging tools is such a fresh take.  Also, the plants.  I love the plants.  Of course.

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