Friday, October 23, 2015

Our First Family Camping Trip!

The last weekend of September, Caleb and I made our way north to Fort Mountain State Park, claimed a site among the campgrounds, and set up our first Lindsay + Caleb camping trip!  We brought food for meals, eno hammocks for sleeping, and tarps and tent poles for shelter.  We also brought the dog, who was hyper-alert the entire weekend and was exhausted by the end of the vacation.

Though we did do some hiking, most of our time was spent around our campsite.  It was colder than I expected, so I sat wrapped in a blanket by the fire a lot.  Caleb made all of our breakfasts and dinners over the fire, which I greatly appreciated.

When we did venture from the campground, we made our way through nearby trails and let Mako experience standing water for the first time, which was hilarious.  He couldn't understand why his paw didn't stay on top of the water's surface, and he acted so confused!  He had fun running into the water to fetch sticks, but didn't go further than where the water touched his tail.  Some day when it's not so cold and Caleb and I have swimwear, we'll teach Mako how to swim.  (We were so tempted to just toss the pup into the deeper water, and I'm glad we restrained ourselves.)

Having no schedule and feeling content in that was a new and deeply refreshing state to be in.  Caleb and I both enjoyed ourselves just by being there in the woods.  I had a book, he had the fire, and we had each others' company.  I even made sure to refrain from talking about work or our usual concerns so that I could better protect our time and our rest.  It was a beautiful, precious, and delicious vacation, and the feeling of peace and serenity continued even when we did go back to work on Tuesday.  I can't wait to go back again!

You can read more about our experience in my Yelp review.


  1. I really enjoyed the trip, too. The enos were surprisingly comfortable.

  2. I really enjoyed the trip, too. The enos were surprisingly comfortable.


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