Sunday, December 6, 2015

Recommended with Marian Hill

About two months ago, Caleb came across some YouTube videos of West Coast swing dance, and he started digging.  We now have West Coast scheduled for at least once a night where we spend an hour or two going over the moves we're learning in our living room.  (West Coast is actually my annual response to #36 on my 101 Goals list!)

I don't know if you're familiar with East Coast or West Coast swing, but I started learning East Coast in college and am pretty comfortable on the floor with a big band.  West Coast dances to different music, very different music, in fact.  There's a lot more freedom in the songs you can choose, and I've seen a lot of hip hop being used online.  As we've branched out looking for new music to dance to, we've come across Marian Hill.  Her music actually isn't a great tempo for us, but we've found that we like her anyway.

Marian Hill sings with a dj/keyboard fellow who does a great job with the music.  He gets really into it, which you can see on some of their videos.  The music is very sexy and fun in a grown up way.  I haven't come across anything ribald, I mean that listening to her makes me feel like an adult having a good time, even if I have her music playing while I'm just vacuuming or making dinner.

You can check out more of Marian Hill's music on her Soundcloud profile.  Some of our favorites are. "Wasted" and "Lips," and you can hear "Got it" in the video below.  Check out how the musicians move with the music.  I love the dj!  What do you think?

And now some things from around the internet that I recommend with Marian Hill...

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I was stopped in my tracks when I saw this picture.  This is the little girl that lives inside my soul.

Look at this amazing and crafty product!  I watched the video explaining what sugru is and does, and I'm pretty sure I already have 5 things I'd like to use it for.  How cool!

This shirt is like a kangaroo pouch for human mommies!

A guy takes his dog traveling with him all over the country.  Pretty sure that dog's one of the happiest on the planet!  

My new favorite Twitter account, WeRateDogs


  1. Daaang. Favorite music recommendation of the year. You rock! Also, I'm obsessed with her hair.

    1. I know, right? Why is it that blondes seem to have such a better time getting awesome texture?

  2. Also, I've always been totally intimidated by West Coast swing! But it does look SO fun. I need to find a place to swing dance around here.

  3. I love these posts you do!! Thank you!!

    1. ^_^ I actually recently got a new, less time intensive job, so hopefully you'll be seeing more soon!


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