Thursday, October 1, 2015

Trying out PRO Beauty Tools' Iridescent Curling Iron

After mentioning my PRO Beauty Tools hair dryer in a post this past summer, the company got in touch with me and asked if I'd like to review their iridescent curling iron, as well.  Of course I said sure!  I've actually been wanting to see that I could do with a curling iron for a while, so PRO Beauty Tools was most welcome!  The representative I spoke with assured me that, even though I'm a complete curling novice, this tool would be the one for me.  I finally got to try things out this week, and here I am to share my findings!

Pro Beauty Tools curling iron review

I received my PRO Beauty Tools curling iron about two weeks ago.  It's a 1.5" iridescent barrel curling iron.  It's has a revolving cord attachment at the base of the iron, which I really appreciated when trying to curl my hair.  This kept the cord from twisting, putting more pressure on my hand, and making things more complicated.  The plastic tip of the iron, too, was very handy.  I constantly burn myself on accident in the kitchen, and I knew that it would be a serious danger to me if I had a curling iron.  Thankfully, I was able to handle the iron carefully and hold the tip of the iron without burning myself.  In fact!  I just burned myself only once, which is a very big deal, and it was a totally stupid mistake that I'd made anyway, not the iron's fault.  :)

I ended up waiting a long time to test out and review the curling iron, longer than I should have.  To be honest, I wanted to put it off because I knew that curling my hair would take a long time.  I have a lot of hair, it's rather long, and it rarely holds curl well.  When I could wait no longer (and after some humid weather had past), I stood at my bathroom mirror, read the instructions and tips that came with my curling iron, and tried to channel my inner beauty queen.  I'd washed and dried my hair the night before and had put in a little bit of mousse in anticipation of curling my hair.  I do think that I would have garnered better results if I'd used more mousse or even a better, higher quality holding product, but as I've never curled my hair before, I don't have such things just lying around.  Even with making do, however, I was able to get some curl!

It took some time and experimentation find what worked best for my hair.  After trying the "medium hair" setting of 375 degrees, I turned it up to 430 degrees, which was prescribed for thick and hard-to-style hair.  Then, I had to work on my timing.  I was very nervous about damaging my hair, and I didn't want to hold it in the curler for too long.  (I've heard the stories!!)  At first, I started around 12 seconds, but the curl didn't last long, so I started holding for about 20 seconds, which worked significantly better and didn't leave behind any visible damage, either.  I will say, I have very healthy, strong hair.  It's not fine, it's not damaged, and I bet it can take more than other hair can.  It also has to be handled seriously when you want to curl it, though.  No 2" pieces will do, I had to start working with smaller sections of hair for the heat to get through to all of it and bring in any bounce.

I used my curling iron at the end of the day, as I wasn't sure what my results would be and I wanted to give myself time to wash my hair if I needed to.  My curls didn't last very long (again, I blame the lack of product), and after about an hour, my hair looked somewhat curly, but more voluminous than usual.  I enjoyed the look; I've never felt 100% with curly-curly hair, so the voluminous bounce was a nice surprise.  After sleeping on my hair, any semblance of curl had disappeared, but I was left with a beautiful shine at the ends of my hair.  Such a beautiful shine!  I'm glad to know that this curling iron won't be making my hair look dull or fried, just glossy and polished!

Reviewing Pro Beauty Tools' 1.5" iridescent curling iron

I think that my experience with the PRO Beauty Tools curling iron was similar to most of my solo curling iron experiences, what with having to use smaller and smaller pieces and hold the iron longer and longer to realize any curl, BUT, the two features I mentioned earlier brought a nice change.  The swivel cord cut out any confusion with the cord, and I actually noticed a big difference in how easy it made handling the iron.  I was very thankful for that plastic tip, too.  Accident prone as I am, I did pretty darn well with a burning hot styling tool thanks to that protective plastic!

Next time I use my curling iron, I'm going to have some hairspray and mousse ready to assist, but especially for being without said products, I think things went pretty well!

Thank you, PRO Beauty Tools, for the opportunity to test and review the curling iron!  I appreciate the opportunity and being able to keep the iron.  I'm even gladder that I've been able to say good things about the tool!

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