Monday, June 20, 2016

Summer 2016 Bucket List

A 2016 Summer Bucket List
Happy summer, friends!  I have no vacations plans for the season (which means I sounded really lame when my dentist tried to make light conversation last week), but I do have small, personal plans.  Caleb and I have decided that we finally need to use that ice cream machine we got as a wedding gift almost three years ago.  I also think I should prioritize going swimming at least once, especially since last year I didn't swim at all!  Some of the more nerdy things on my list are tasks I'm knocking out on my 101 Challenge.  (I'm 76% finished!)  All of the list are things I really do hope to accomplish, though, and I'm looking forward to marking these things as complete!

I love making short spurt bucket lists.  Writing these things down is a way to keep myself accountable for completing them, and it's helpful to have the physical list in view around the house so I can be reminded of the importance I want to place on these things.  Also, I'm competitive by nature, and this is a fun way to watch myself check things off that I've wanted to do.  It may sound small, but it's a good rush for me, and it can help build momentum that I can use in other parts of my life, too.

Can you think of anything I should add to the list?  What plans do you have for the summer?  If you need some more inspiration, here's my list from 2 years ago.


  1. Love this so much! You've inspired me to make my own!

    1. I'm so glad to hear that! Would love to see some of the things on your list, and I hope they happen!

  2. I love lists. I should make a summer bucket list...
    Also, Lang Leav has some very short lovely poetry, so you could pick one of those! Or if you want something long, my favorite poem is As I Walked Out One Evening by Auden. I want to memorize that one.

    1. I love lists, too! And thanks for the recommendation toward Lang Leav, I haven't heard of her before. Thank you for this and the introduction to Auden!


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