Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Happy Night in Seoul

Like New York, Seoul has a few different districts.  We have fancy Apgujeong, foreigner hotspot Itaewon, the infamous Gangnam (thank you, PSY!), indie Hongdae, Sinchon with its tasty food, Yeouido which seems to only be good for seeing the cherry blossoms in spring, and then all those other places too far away for me to know well.  I have my favorite haunts, and I have places I try to stay away from.

Today I decided to venture into Hongdae.  I took Woo Fam krump lessons there, and I know the fastest subway route by heart, but when I first arrive, I always feel like meh.  I've forgotten how by the end of the evening I feel like this is my favorite place in the city!

There's a large university nearby, so there are loads of college kids with their unique personalities and interests that have taken over the whole area.  I love it.  You have the hip hop scene, screamo scene, Japanese tourists, the foreign students, the foreign teachers who come for the clubs and bars, the preps, the girly-girls, street performers, drum circles, comedians, graffiti, delicious food, kitsch shops, piercing shops, hippie shops, everything.  Whatever your vein is, it's represented in Hongdae.  And, it's probably being featured in the park right now by at least a few people.

Ahh, Hongdae.

This evening I...

#1 ate at a conveyor sushi restaurant for the first time.
#2 stumbled upon a b-boy face off, graciously ditched my friends, and stayed and watched the dancers for an hour and a half.
#3 discovered my favorite way to travel the city (alone, at night, by taxi, with the windows down, in perfect weather, driving over the river with a perfect view of the city.  Breathtaking).
#4 started to make a list of phrases I wish I knew in Korea:
This city is beautiful.
That's so sick!
Take a picture; it'll last longer.
It has come to this.
You're joking, right?

Oh, friends I really, really want to show you around town.  Can we trade?  You come here and visit with me, and then I'll come to your home and you can show me its beauty and quirks, too?  I'd like that.

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  1. This really makes me want to come visit you this month.

    And...I don't think "That's so sick!" would translate very sensibly to Korean. But here is "This city is beautiful!":
    "이 도시는 아름덥군요!" - with a touch of surprise and wonder added.

    - Drew


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