Friday, September 28, 2012

Elegance Class Goes on a Field Trip: The Swimming Pool

I'm going to be a fantastic grandma.  I'm already all too eager to show off my amazing kids, and they're not even really mine.

Here are pictures from our August field trip to the pool!

Elegance Class
Sophia there on the far left wasn't excited about the cold water.  Next to her, Ruby was giving her classic punk attitude.  The next two, Min-Sun and Judy, are always camera ready and love getting their picture taken.  Lastly, Sein and Ryan are just great.  (Yoo-Jin didn't come this day.)

Too, too, too cute.

Oh, the chaos!
Judy found a water gun.

Judy spread mayhem with said water gun.  Min-Sun's face is priceless.

There was no mercy.

Teachers turning against teachers and rallying the young ones to their side.

The angel of doom.

War-worn face

Just kidding!   The kids had an absolute blast and tried to splash me at every chance!
Jumping splash action.  These kids are talented.  :)


  1. How perfect!

    I was having a bad morning, but this made me feel better :)

    Thanks! Your kids are just the best. I want to have a water fight now.

  2. I'm so glad you guys enjoyed these pictures, too. They make me smile so much.


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