Thursday, September 20, 2012

My Favorite Cafe in Seoul: Como Siempre in Sinsa

I really like coffee, and I like chocolate even more.  The second I saw Como Siempre's tagline, I was sold: "Espresso & Chocolate."

My family visited Italy once.  We got hot chocolate at a small cafe in Venice.  It was the best thing we'd ever tasted.  We still talk about its deep, heavy texture.  Like drinking a not-too-rich chocolate pudding.  Nothing's ever compared since that one cup.  Until now!

Como Siempre has a dark chocolate latte, a milk chocolate latte, and (my favorite) a crazy chocolate latte.  They're like drinking that chocolate pudding again.  The chocolate espresso is also fantastic.  I can't recommend the milk flavored milkshake, though.  It was a bit too icy than creamy.

I never got to go while my boyfriend Caleb was visiting, but if he were here now, I'd pretend to be an obnoxious girlfriend and demand/drag him there at least twice a month for dessert.

This is the chocolate espresso.  Heaven in a cup.
서울시 강남구 신사동 507-3번지 진영빌딩 1층
Jinyoung Bld.  1F, Sinsadong 507-3,
Gangnamgu, Seoul, Korea


P.s.  The staff is always super kind.

The map shows Como Siempre in black, and Sinsa station is the smaller  "3" circle on the right.  You want exit  8 to take up.  Exit 6 will take you on that street heading left.


  1. It looks perfectly creamy! You know, seeing this kind of treat makes me really wish that we can just download the food we see online. How cool would that be! I’m such a fan of lattes, and I can feel it in my system now… I have to taste that. Thanks!

  2. THAT! That is a brilliant idea! Like Willy Wonka's television!


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