Friday, September 7, 2012

Young Creativity: Script Writing

I love how young minds express themselves through writing, and I love how my job allows me to read so much of their work.  

My fourth grade English class had to write a play a while back.  Here are two of their completed assignments, unedited.  These are some of my favorites ever.  :)

In the Sky
Narrators: One day there is a party in the Sky.
Sky: Let's make cookies.
Air: How to make cookies?
Cloud: we have to use our powers.
All: Ok!
Moon, Sun, Star: It is finsh! Let's eat!
All: It is so delicious!
Narrators: The party was so fun and they wanted to do it again.~

King of the animals
Lion: I am the king of the animals!
Hyena: No, I am king of the animals!
Rabbit: Don't fight, please!
Lion: Rabbit and Dog you think who is king of the animals?
Hyena: Yes rabbit and Dog You choose king please.
Dog, rabbit: OK, hmm...
Rabbit: First running test!  45 km!
Hyena, Lion: OK,
Dog: Ready~go!
Narrators: The Lion and hyena are exhausted So, They are die.  The rabbit and dog is king of the animal.
Rabbit, Dog: Olleh!  We're kings of the animal!

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