Saturday, June 8, 2013

I've Had an Exciting Week.

Happy weekend, my friends!
Guess what I don't have to fret about anymore!!

This week I called my health insurance company for the 3rd time and discovered 30 minutes before my 3rd OB/GYN appointment that the really expensive option I was looking at would be covered completely.

An hour later, I was bawling and cursing in the car over the polymer + progestin rod in my arm with my sister smoothing my hair.  I had gotten Nexplanon.  I had made a well informed decision, followed through, and now there it was.  Hormones in my body.  That I still didn't want.

See, all of the stress and tension and frustration (not to mention the sleeplessness over the birth control dreams I was having) was finally given the chance to rise to the surface, and after a minute of anticipation, everything broke loose.  I freaked about the hormones.  I yelled at feminism.  I whined for Caleb to be there with me.  I screamed about how hard the decision was.  I fervently outlined how stupid it was that the standards of society deemed that the doctors actually complimented me as one of his more educated patients!  I condemned all of the other patients as ignorant and as a problem for women's health since they weren't there for me on the blogs to offer advice and information.  I ranted on how this shouldn't have been so hard.  I apologized to feminism and explained our new terms.
I used the F word.

Ugh.  It was quite a day.  And I got a killer bruise from it.  I also wrote a serious post containing my research and had many follow up conversations with people who messaged me privately.  Last night I even talked about the whole thing for half an hour with my mixed group of curious friends.

Here's one funny story that came from the whole ordeal.  God bless my sister.  She had no idea what was going on when I asked her to go into the examination room with me for my minor surgery for birth control.  She immediately objected and got more grossed out when I started to press her.  "But that's so... personal!" she said.
"Um, it goes in my arm." I said.

Other [really] Fun Happenings This Week:
I got more excited than I probably should have that one of my future brother-in-laws asked me a lot of questions about the wedding and how he could help.
I gave him a hug when he told me he started growing a moss colony in the woods for me.

Now.  Would someone please make this caramel macchiato for me?

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