Monday, June 17, 2013

Kitchen Experiment: Ice Cream Bread

I heard about this cakey, ice creamy, bready dessert first on this thread in Reddit.  I'd bookmarked the other recipes mentioned, but for some reason gave the Ice Cream Bread recipe a second look.  I talked it over with my sister briefly, and we decided it was a ridiculous idea.  So, what the heck, we tried it.

Peach Cobbler ice cream is supposed to be amazing in this recipe, but we only had lactose-free vanilla, caramel, and strawberry.  The lactose-free stuff is usually saved for my mom, and my sister thinks the caramel is too sweet, so strawberry it was.

I mashed the flour and ice cream together Cold Stone style.  It tasted like a strawberry Pop Tart.  It was also hard to mix very well, so I let it sit and warm for a while.

Once it was all moist and in the too-big pan, it looked more like it could be bread.

Here you can see clearly how the pan was too big or the portion was too small.

Tada!  After 45 minutes we had what Taylor likened to a scone and I likened to a biscuit or shortcake.

I think that, with the proper amounts of ingredients, the ice cream bread would come out more cakey.  As it is, I cut all the portions in half because I wasn't sure if I would like it.  Less food being cooked for the same amount of time prescribed in the recipe is what made mine an ice cream biscuit.

I put ice cream on mine.  Don't judge.

I'd like to try the recipe again with a different flavor and definitely with the correct portions.  I believe in its potential.  The stuff I ate just now is pretty good, but I'd really like to try it in its true form.

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