Monday, January 27, 2014

Vieques Honeymoon: Wrap up

Really, I just want to show you pictures of these little guys.
Listen to this 20 second clip of coquis singing while you read on.  Here that high pitched chirp that sounds like "coqui?"  That's them!

Finding coquis on our Vieques honeymoon | Lindsay Eryn

Finding coquis on our Vieques honeymoon | Lindsay Eryn

These tiny nocturnal frogs are called coquis.  They are indigenous to Puerto Rico and will die when take out of their ecosystem.  Isn't that interesting?  What I love about coquis is how they sang me to sleep every night I lived on Puerto Rico and how they sang me to sleep during our honeymoon, as well.  For me, it is such a welcoming, calming, and home sound.  For me, it is all I could ever want to have their chirps every night.  Their song has become such a sentimental and romantic thing for me, I'm just sure that it would make every day better if I could end the day with coquis.

Anyway, they're also super tiny, and I'd never seen any at all until our trip to Vieques.  Also, and this is super darling, Caleb decided "coqui" would be a new nickname for me.  I know it's super cutesy, but I love it.

That's all I've got!  Vieques was perfect, and I look forward to going back some time.  If you ever go, try to rent Casa dos Cuervos.  You won't regret it.  Also, you have to go to the Tin Box, and you have to go to the Bio Bay.  And, for what it's worth, Funky Beehive is my favorite of all the souvenir shops.  The people working there were incredibly friendly, it's not a very kitschy place, and they sell cool books and post cards and unique jewelry crafted by locals.  (I got the cool stained glass earrings in this picture from the Funky Beehive.)

Our Vieques honeymoon | Lindsay Eryn

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  1. I love Coqui frogs. The noise they make is magical.

    x Jasmine


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