Sunday, January 5, 2014

Vieques Honeymoon: Prequel

Caleb and I got married in September when we had just gotten jobs and just started getting money in our bank accounts.  Given the options of a honeymoon within our state directly after the wedding and a honeymoon in Puerto Rico two months later, we saved for the splurge.  And it was worth it.

So I don't overwhelm one post with all my pictures and information, I'm going to be breaking things up so they'll be easier to digest for the curious.  To give you an overview, I've made a short teaser video and a brief summary of the highlights.

Highlights include: seeing my old home from the airplane, taking a nighttime kayak trip to the bioluminescent bay, meeting a barracuda while snorkeling, being the only ones on the beach for most of our beach trips, laughing with and trying to understand the pool maintenance guy who made fun of my Spanish, a full day of reading at our house, making 4 trips to the street food stand selling garlic BBQ pinchos, and having a mountaintop two-building house with a private pool and a view of the island all to ourselves.

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  1. What a cute video! What was the green stuff you were poking?

    x Jasmine

    1. I just learned today that it's called Mimosa pudica (or touch-me-not, sensitive plant, or sleepy plant by normal people).

      When I first discovered it, my dad, sister and I were taking a walk when we just arrive to Puerto Rico (1995). We thought it was so cool, we brought Mom outside to show her how the plant closed up when you touched it. After a few minutes, I felt something strange on my feet, looked down, and started shrieking. I had been standing in a fire ant pile. My parents freaked out and picked me up as we all ran over to the nearby pool. The ants were resilient and weren't being moved by the water, so they rushed me over to the pool's shower. I think, in the end, they just had to brush/slap my foot to get all the ants off, and my foot was a swollen, red mess for hours.

      That's the story I'm reminded of every time I think of this super cool plant. Ha! :D


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