Monday, February 16, 2015

Skincare Rescue Plan: Moisturizing

How to properly moisturize your face

Moisturizing!  I think this one is the easiest figure-it-out step of a skincare rescue plan.  Everyone needs a moisturizer, even those with oily skin.  Read on for some tips!

If you've been having trouble with your skin, it may be dehydrated.  Dehydrated skin can get irritated quickly, so it's important to know what to look out for.  If you notice your skin being routinely dehydrated, that should be the #1 thing you work to fix.  Especially in the winter, dry skin can crop up even on oily skin.  You may want to use a thicker moisturizer in the winter and a lighter one on the summer.

Next, here are steps you can take to treat dry skin.  If your skin still seems dry after properly moistruzing, you may want to change your cleanser to a moisturizing cleanser or add in a serum to your routine.  Hyaluronic acid and glycerin are some ingredients that help pull water into your skin.  Read more here on how to really help dry skin.

Protip: Especially with moisturizing and sunscreen, focus on your neck to maintain a youthful appearance.  Your hands, too, can age quickly, and if you take care of them with creams and lotions, you’ll prolong their health and elasticity.

 A with everything you put on your face, remember to apply gently without too much pressing or pulling on your skin.

I use CeraVe moisturizing cream, but you can find personalized recommendations through the SkincareAddition blog.  Just click through your skin type to find suggestions and tips.
Psst: CeraVe is around $11-15 at drug stores, but look for coupons online.  I got $2 off with a coupon I printed!
Note: Dipping your fingers into creams that are kept in a tub can allow bacteria from your hands to grow in the cream.  It’s recommended that you buy a pump for tubs or use a clean spoon to get the product into your hands.  This thread gives info on where to buy pumps for CeraVe tubs, and I bought this cap and this pump for mine because this company is super cheap.

Have you found an amazing moisturizer?  How would you rate your skincare routine?

We have just a couple more entries in our Skincare Rescue Plan series!  Stay tuned for the last posts!


  1. The only moisturizer I've found that doesn't make my skin break out is the very expensive but effective Eminence Clear Skin Moisturizer. I swear by it.

    1. That sucks that so many products would affect your skin that way, but what a relief to have found the one that works. I've never heard of that moisturizer!

      The only reactions I've had to skincare products was in middle school when I combined two different acne treatments. They made me look like a red raccoon! As if middle school wasn't enough of a traumatic time!


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