Monday, February 2, 2015

Three Totally Legitimate Struggles in Creating a Minimalist Wardrobe

I've mentioned it once before, but now I can say that I've actually started taking action toward creating a minimalist wardrobe.  Toward building a closet of certain clothing that fits me well and flatters me.  Toward collecting specific pieces that suit my style and that mix and match well.  And toward purging what doesn't belong.

Getting rid of clothes.
Is hard.
Let me start off by saying I tend to be a very well organized, planned out person.  I hate clutter, and I throw away and give away and sell more than the average clothes wearer.  There's just something about this, though, about paring down my wearable possessions, that's difficult, and there are actually real reasons why.

Why creating a minimalist wardrobe is hard
Photo by Chelsea Francis via Unsplash

#1 Less is More Doesn't Always Make Sense.
If we're honest, it's a counterintuitive idea that getting rid of clothes gives you more freedom in what you wear.  It's true that I would 100% rather have a small closet of pieces that I love than a walk in closet of things I don't love.  However, getting rid of this one wishy washy blouse I might want to wear one day but very much dislike now makes me feel like I'm removing options rather than gaining them.  And in a way, it's true.  More pieces does mean more options, but especially when using a purge to define your style, you gotta separate yourself from what doesn't better yourself.

#2 Sentimental Value is Real.
The blue suede heels I wore at my wedding.  My first college t-shirt.  The blouse my BFF traded with me years ago.  My krump shoes!  If I get rid of these things, I will never get them back again.  Finding something that fits better doesn't really matter when the value of these special pieces doesn't come from their fit, shape, color, or condition.  This struggle is an especially hard one, because we know deep down that memories are special.  What harm does it do to keep these ratty shoes, anyway?  I still haven't gotten rid of them, and I really don't think I will for a very, very long time.

#3 Does This Mean I Wasted My Money?
I spent my modest paycheck on these things, and now I'm supposed to get rid of them?  My answer to this struggle is connected to my answer to #1, but more so to the idea that money is our most valuable resource.  It's not.  Possessions aren't, either.  And while I do believe we all need to be spending our money wisely for a multitude of reasons, the end all be all of something's value is not how much money was spent on it.  The value of something comes down to how far someone is willing to go for it, not how much money it costs.  So for some, a minimalist wardrobe is more valuable than the money spent on x, y, and z.  For me, seeing that shining beacon of a clean closet holding only clothes I feel comfortable and happy in is worth getting rid of the dead weight.

For more on these real struggles and others, I recommend checking out this post from The Wardrobe Architect, especially the section on overcoming these hurdles.

P.s.  Korean couple clothing (which I would totally wear but Caleb wouldn't be caught dead in)

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