Wednesday, December 23, 2015

5 Ways to Have Fun Without $$$

There are lots of ways to have a good time with plenty of money, but there are also great ways without the cash, too.   Keep an eye out for an Atlanta-specific post coming soon, but I wanted to share some of my ideas you can use no matter where you are.  Don't see your own favorite?  Add it below in the comments and share the brilliance!

photo by K.H.Reichart via Flickr

Build a pillow or blanket fort
This is at the top of my list for very good reasons.  It's a favorite thing for my husband and I to do together, it's fun and cozy, and you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor for as long as you like (as long as you're an adult and can make your own decisions).  I love pillow forts.  We even had some of our engagement pictures take in a pillow fort.  Everyone should do it!  You just need all the sheets and pillows you can gather, safety pins, fishing line, creativity, and problem solving.  Have at it, and send me pictures!

Visit a cemetery
 Some cemetery's aren't going to be as interesting as others, but I find there's always something that's intriguing.  Maybe there are large or more official cemeteries near you that offer audio tours or guides.  Maybe you can go through with a friend and imagine stories of those buried there.  Maybe there are some historical figures nearby you could visit.  As long as you're respectful, cemeteries can be a very cool option with lots of different opportunities.
(Confession: I once played hide and seek in a graveyard at night.  Not respectful at all.)

Create or go on a scavenger hunt
All a scavenger hunt will cost you is time and imagination!  Caleb's made two for me, and he used one of them to propose, so I have a soft spot for scavenger hunts.  The thing is, you can make your scavenger hunt as elaborate or as simple as you like!  Three clues that lead your friends to your house for a movie night?  Twenty clues that lead your SO to the freezer where their favorite ice cream is waiting for them?  A create-as-you-go competitive word scavenger hunt in a library?  (I'm not sure how it would work just yet, but I know it would be awesome.)  Geocaching, anyone?  Go forth and have fun!

Get involved in Meetup groups
Meetups were a godsend for me while I was living in Korea.  Meetup itself is a free site, and many of the events posted there are free, too.  In fact some even come with free food!  Head to the website, type in your interests (dance, cooking, Star Wars, yoga, trivia, JavaScript...), connect with others who enjoy the same things, and voila!  Get updates and of the free things to do from your groups!

Keep your ear to the ground for local flavor
There are probably lots of free events going on right outside your door but you just don't know about them yet.  Ask around for good newsletters or event pages to help you find what's happening.  Check out your local Yelp events or see what Facebook has to offer.  Scoutmob is a favorite of mine, but they haven't reached to all cities yet (here's the page for Atlanta).

What things would you add to the list?
You can also learn more about money management by checking out these free tools from Personal Capital, who contacted me about creating this post.  Hope you find some helpful things there or on their blog.

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