Friday, February 19, 2016

Recommended with this podcast about North Korea

Okay friends, it's study time.  I don't get political on this blog very often, but I think this is important to share.  I hope it's clear after following me for a while that I care deeply about North Korea and its people.  Learning about the country and its extremely oppressive government is critical to the government's inevitable downfall, which is why I'm choosing this podcast as this week's recommendation.  (And if you want to skip it, don't worry, I did include my regular collection of links below, too.)

Michael Malice is the author of the book Dear Reader, which is an unofficial autobiography of Kim Jong-Il, and he did an amazing amount of research in order to write the book.  He brings an important perspective to the conversations about North Korea that I think everyone needs to hear.  Last month, Tom Woods interviewed Michael Malice about the recent nuclear test North Korea conducted.  The two of them chat around for a bit, so if you want to get to the good stuff, start at 6:05.

Take a listen to learn about why tourists are now allowed to visit outside the NK capitol, why North Korea feeds its citizens such bizarre propaganda, how they play the Western media and the US government like a violin, and what the Kim regime really wants.  For one last teaser, here's my favorite quote from the podcast: 
"[The leaders of North Korea] are very, very clever and they are very, very evil, and the idea they're crazy is simply false because the data doesn't support that in any way whatsoever." 
- Michael Malice @ 13:25

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