Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Actually Life Changing Products from last year

I came across a few new things last year that actually changed my life, and even though I'm not being paid for it, I wanted to tell you about them so they can change your life, too!

4 things that actually changed my life last year

I've used cross-body purses for years, and for years they've been made of fake leather and they fall apart after months.  For my birthday last year, Caleb gave me a large cross-body purse made of real leather, and I'm still so excited to have it!

We read about Saddleback leather on Reddit's Buy it for Life forum.  Turns out the company has a very loyal following, and now I'm part of the fandom, too.  Their 100-year warranty is wonderful, reading through the funny blurbs in their FAQ section makes me laugh, and watching their video on how to knock off a saddleback bag just seals the deal of me being a lifelong groupie.

My coworkers told me about this super handy app when we were eating out together.  Instead of splitting the tab at the restaurant and giving the waiter three different credit cards to charge, we're able to put all the tab on one card and then pay each other back through the Squarecash app!

It sends money from debit card accounts to debit card accounts for free, and you can use a credit card, too, but you'll incur a 3% fee for using a credit card.  Debit's worked just fine for me, and it's been a real sanity saver for those group meals!

I'd seen this version of a garlic press online, and when I saw one at TJ Maxx, I decided to try it.  It's possibly the best impulse buy I've ever made.  The garlic rocker is faster than a garlic press, it's easier to get the garlic out of the tool, and it's easier to clean!  I feel like buying them for everyone in my life, because they've made mincing garlic so much easier in our home! 

This top coat is magic.  I've never seen a top coat dry so fast, and with how often I paint my nails, it's become a permanent fixture in my polish collection.  You can buy it at any drug store or beauty supply store, or online!

Stop here if you don't want to read about feminine hygiene!  :)

Menstrual cup
After reading some raving reviews about menstrual cups from girls online, I did my own research and decided to buy myself a Lunette cup.  It took a while to get used to and to figure out how to use it properly, but I'm so glad I stuck with it.  I've already saved lots of money by not having to buy tampons and pads for a year, and I've saved time by not having to run to the store to buy those things and by not having to change the bathroom trash as often.  If you're interested in hearing more or if you have any questions, please let me know in the comments or in an email.  I'd love to share more, and I think everyone with a period should give a menstrual cup a try, but I'm just not sure how much people want to know.

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