Friday, February 12, 2016

Recommended with Galentine's and Valentine's Day Weekend

This weekend, do something special for yourself, reach out to those you love, and eat something sweet and terrible for you, if you can.  Whether you're celebrating Galentine's, Valentine's, or just making it to another weekend, I hope you have a great time and that you feel important and loved, because you are!

Image by Christie Graham Photography via Verily Magazine
Links I'm loving this week...

This first link is the most important.  Make sure you prioritize what you love!

Watch strangers kiss while blindfolded!  I'm such a sucker for things like this, and moments end up being so incredibly tender.  (Think what you will, but it's a secret dream of mine to kiss a stranger.)

The most lovable basket of puppies you'll see all day.

What a pretty new idea for making valentines.

I love the soft, romantic look of this low chignon!

Check out these courting tips for men from the Victorian era.  "A man should never make a declaration [of love] in a jesting manner. It is most unfair to a lady. He has no right to trifle with her feelings for mere sport, nor has he a right to hide his own meaning under the guise of a jest." (1881)  Sounds like the 1800's wasn't such a bad time to be courting!

I just found out about The Bouqs, a company that will ship some of the loveliest bouquets.  They're so so pretty!

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