Tuesday, July 5, 2016

What's Your Relationship With Your Blog?

Let's talk about blogging.
Let's both grab a cup of tea, or if we're feeling fancy, a cappuccino and talk about our blogs.  I'm curious about why you post, how often you post, what do you like about your blog, what do you not like?  Do you feel a sense of obligation toward your blog?  Or enjoyment?  Or calm?

My own blog relationship has been all over the map since I started ten years ago.  At first, it was an online journal of sorts where I called out for attention in the most passive aggressive way.  Later, I was able to use it as a platform to share stories about teaching and living in Korea.  I loved the conversations those stories would stir, and the posts were very fun to write.  Upon returning to America, I decided to try a more generic approach to appeal to a greater audience.  I've always had a dream of being famous, and I thought maybe I could strike gold like so many other bloggers have.  While I always made sure to post about things that I genuinely found interesting, after a while, the content I was producing didn't seem that important.  Since then, I've had a shift in my goals and perspectives, which, as I look at it, seems rather complex.

Sarah Von Bargen of Yes and Yes said it best. 
"I wanted to read something that acknowledged that fact that all of us are multifaceted. [...]  So every day I try (with varying degrees of success) to create a space like that."

See, in the last year or two, I've found myself wanting to writ about highly charged topics like racism, acts of terrorism, and how I believe Christians (of which I am one) should react to these things.  These are heavy things to talk about, and I don't want the scope of my blog to limit me from speaking about them.  I also want to feel free to rave about all my beautiful indoor plants, delicious recipes I've come across, and other things I'm learning about.  I don't want to feel constrained to either side of the spectrum.  In fact, I've decided that it's okay to cover all of the spectrum!  I'm multifaceted, you're multifaceted, and this blog is going to remain multifaceted, too.

So, this is me claiming further ownership over my blog.  We've been through ups and downs, contention and joy, and all of that is okay.  It will morph as I morph, and I'm starting to think that's actually pretty cool.

What about you?  What motivates you to write?  Is there anything you would change or anything you wouldn't change at all?  I'd love to hear!

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