Wednesday, March 2, 2016

My indoor garden

An indoor garden
These are all my plants as of February 2016!
One not-so-secret thing about me is I love plants.  I love having plants around me, everywhere, and besides our master bathroom (which has no window, by the way), I've put plants in every other room of our apartment.  In my world, every room needs a plant.  I currently have 19 different plants living at home with me, and I have one at the office, too.  the thing is, though...

Funny story: when Caleb and I first got married, I didn't bring any plants with my into our new home.  Then I brought some of my old plants from my parents' house to work to spruce up my office.  Then I moved offices and I had to bring those home.  Then my parents moved and had to get rid of all their plants.  Caleb said I could bring home 4, and I think I brought home 6.  "Don't worry, some of them are going to my office!"  It was a lie.  Seven plants at home turned into 12 when I made cuttings and dunked them in water.  How was I to know they would sprout roots and then be added to the collection?  Just kidding, I knew.

Okay, basically this is a story of how one wife went completely against her husband's wishes, but now that he has his own plant (a bonsai), it's all good.

Anyway, one thing I'm always excited to see more of is plant storage and display ideas.  I like to think that if I could keep more of my plants together in one place, then I could maybe have more plants because Caleb wouldn't notice how many were on the display!  IKEA has has some okay ideas in the past, but I've found a sneak peek of some new options they're bringing this month.

Indoor garden display from IKEA
via Poppytalk
I like how the ladder and planter holder are #1 natural wood and #2 not flashy or noticeable.  They let the plants take the center stage, as it should be.  Here's another preview of IKEA plant things coming in March!  Gotta love that jungle.

By the way, I'm trying my hand at succulents for the first time this year.  My mother-in-law got me a lovely terrarium for Christmas, and the plants didn't make it past mid-January.  I decided to try a second time with succulents in the terrarium, but I'm not sure if that was such a good idea, either.  I already have a plan C in mind, but in the meantime, I'm super bummed out that one of my succulents is showing signs of stress.  Lesson learned: Research the plants before you bring them home!


What are your thoughts on plants and on indoor plants?  Do you have a green thumb, a black thumb, a jungle?  My mom always had tons and tons in our kitchen dining room, so to me, it feels like home, but I'd love to hear what you think!

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