Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Eelgance Class Discussed Long Distance Relationships

In preschool, we always go around the room and ask everyone, "How are you today?"  I have a very hard time lying to them, even when I'm feeling terrible, so I usually stick to the truth.  Today, I told them, "I am... okay today.  I am happy for dance class tonight, but I am sad because I miss my boyfriend."

I've talked about him so much, they have his name, hair color, eye color, and general height and build memorized.

"Yes.  Caleb."

Ruby said, "Lindsay Teacher!  Why you no... school finished, go to America?"
Eva added, "You no talk computer?"

"Sigh.  No, I can't go to America after school.  It takes 20 hours to get to America on the airplane!  (*gasps*) And it costs 1,700,000 ₩!  (*more gasps*)  And, I cannot talk with Caleb on the computer because I have dance class, he has school, and we are both very busy."  I started to get gloomy just thinking about it, so I finished off with, "But!  In May, Caleb will come to visit for 12 days!"

Next, I asked Ruby.  "How are you today?"

She took a very long time saying "um... um..." but I could tell that she was thinking about how to properly communicate what she wanted to tell me.  Finally, she said, "I am happy because... April finish and Caleb is coming."

"That makes me happy, too, Ruby.  High freakin' five."