Saturday, April 21, 2012

Young Creativity: A Lego Land story

Lego Land

A long, long time ago on Mars, there was Lego Land.  Korea and Japan made Lego Land.  There was a war because of the tornado.  The robot was very strong, and he could make the tornado.  The robot was in the tornado.
It was in 1849.  Japan was winning.  Their center was strong and made of legos, but Korea's was made of sand.
In Korea, there was a school.  One day, someone found a key in the ground.  They went tot he tornado.  My friend and I went together.  We put the key in the key holder.  We waited and waited, and it was working.  Korea won and they got Japan's land, and they built a lego castle and they mixed sand, too.  Korea was happy and they got Japan's land.
The End

-Aaron, Treasures Class

While I couldn't find a guilt-free image of legos nor the original source for the image I did use, the other pictures curated from the Creative Commons.  And I'm telling you, this is the last time I make a collage for something like this.  The visual aid is worth it, I'm sure you agree, but I'm glad to be finished digging out all these credits.
Tornado from Arte & Fotografia
Flags from Public Domain Images (1 & 2)
Civil War reenactment by Nat Bocking on Geography.org

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