Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Young Creativity: Writing Samples

Besides the relationships I am blessed to build, my favorite part about teaching English to my Korean students is seeing their creativity flow through the clunky sieve of their developing English.  At the turn of the school year, I picked up a new high intermediate 1st grade Treasures class.  As if their minds aren't brilliant and beautiful enough, add in the usually awkwardness of a foreign language, and you pure gold every day

Describe how to make your favorite snack.
First, get bread.  Second, cut slicely, onion, sausage, olive, cheese, and ham.

Why does elderly Mr. Putter choose Tabby, an old cat?
Because when Mr. Putter go[es] to sky Tabby need to live alone so Mr. Putter buy an old cat.

Sometimes I'm amazed by the brilliance that comes from the sentences my students write to test out their new vocabulary.

Make a sentence with "shelter."
Shelters block something that is dangerous for me.

Make a sentence with "feelings."
Robot does not have feelings.
- Chris
I jumped on this one and asked all who were interested (the boys) to elaborate.
Because robot is made with trees and metal!
Because robot does not have brain and heart. They have PCU!
Because robot cannot do things by itself.  It cannot remember!

Lastly, from low proficiency sixth grader's weekend writing:

I'm happy because my class change the partner.  I have a new partner.  My partner is very good face and very tall.  He like baseball game and read books.  I don't like him.  Because he is a perfect.

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