Thursday, May 31, 2012

Konglish Makes Me Smile.

Back in November, I volunteered for a 10k that Mannam International put on to raise awareness and funds for the global disasters going on at the time.  Near the end, I was helping with the wrap up after the runners had set up.  Some of the Korean girls I was working with asked if I would please write a message of hope to send to America as they finished cleaning up hurricane damages.  I was honored to be entrusted with such a task, but looking back I think maybe I was taking it too seriously.  Regardless, I took a long time to settle on what I wanted America to know and to hear from us here in Korea.

The girls noticed how I was waiting and waiting and waiting for just the right inspiration.  They started to comment, and they started looking for the best words to describe what they thought about the situation.  Ah, they found it.

"You are very... thinkable," they said.

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