Monday, May 21, 2012


I've been a little distracted the last week, and, while I meant to get back to writing sooner, it's not happening till now.  It's happening in the form of a teaser post, no less!

As I get back into the groove of things after Caleb, my boyfriend, returned to the States, you can expect these stories to pop up.
  • Being locked out of my apartment for the night
  • Trying Cajun food in Korea
  • A run down of what Caleb and I were up to while he was in town
  • Tutoring in Korea: why it's illegal and how I got involved
  • A new nickname from my preschool students
They're good stories, I promise, and they'll be coming out soon!

(Sometimes it's hard to adjust back to regular life when the break was so darn good looking.)

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  1. your teaser was effective. I'm intrigued and mildly resentful that all I got were bullet points.


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