Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Character Development: My Perfectionist Tendencies Are On the Block

 Caleb and I are going through premarital counseling.  (As if we didn't already have plenty of deep and soul searching conversations.)  I think the books we're reading and the required questions we're answering has been forcing us to deal with and reconcile our differences instead of revealing them.

One of the things that has been coming up rather frequently is how very Type A I am which contrasts drastically with how laid back and steady Caleb is.  I've had to recognize that both of these traits aren't inherently bad, but I've also had to accept that I can let my controlling tendencies control me.  Not cool.

This morning I read an article from Darling Magazine that talked about letting go of perfectionism.
Click the picture to read the article.

On one hand, cleanliness helps me feel calm.  Clutter and dirtiness add stress to my life.  Being on time is important to me because I consider it a way to respect people's time, but being relaxed and taking things as they come sounds so free spirited.  And, gosh, I wish I could unwind a bit if only so Caleb and I wouldn't have as many near-conflicts.

Does anyone have any other tips of releasing the need for everything to be perfect?  How to become more comfortable with allowing life to "let it be?"  Ha!  I'm realizing that I might not have been such a good hippie, after all.

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