Monday, May 20, 2013

Wedding Plans: At This Point

I'm getting married this September.
I'm really excited!!

(Gotta brag on my darling right here.  The engagement ring he gave me could
Not be more perfect!  I love it!)
With all of this event planning, logistics, vision setting, and interaction with vendors,
This event planning has been a fun production so far.  Of all the things I've been doing (vision casting, interacting with vendors, delegating, etc.) the logistics has been my favorite part.  So far, I've enjoyed everything administrative.  I like making lists, scratching off completed tasks, researching venues, and managing the budget.

I do not like asking for lower prices, stressing when plans fall through, and the pressure of making this wedding perfect.  One thing that I thought I wouldn't like was working within our comparatively small budget.  Once I got into planning, though, I found the budget as a challenge to grasp instead of restrictions.  Once my mindset changed, it became more of a game than a chore to find out how we can get catering cheaper, which venue would be the best deal, and do we really have to spend so much money on flowers?

By the way, it's just about the same amount of money to buy tablecloths as it is to rent them, and there are loads of websites that will send you flowers that you can put together yourself which saves a bundle.

Other things
I have learned to spell Boutonniere!
I have found out there are a lot more Buy Used Wedding Things websites than I thought.
I've scoured the internet for great deals on pillar and votive candles and still don't know where I'm going to get them.
I have claimed a very large tree my dad recently felled for decoration fodder.
I have explored our woods for honeysuckle vines for table runners and have learned that it might be difficult to separate them from the muscadine vines that are almost always also present.
I don't want to put in the time to build our photo book/guest book...

I've shown you all some pictures of our pillow fort engagement shoot, but we also had another shoot with Garrett Reid Photography.  I love them so much, and I want to show them to you!  Here's a link to his blog post with his selections.


  1. things that are perfect:
    your ring
    you and Caleb
    your engagement photos

    I wish I could be there for your wedding, but I am very looking forward to the pictures later. I am so excited to see how your day comes together! I'm glad you're having fun with wedding planning - it is quite fun, isn't it? So happy for you and Caleb!

    1. Felicia, these were such sweet words to read. Thank you, darling!

      And yes, it is fun. :) Just last night, my future mother-in-law and I talked out hotel reservations, ceremony musicians, and a lot of decor ideas. I'm feeling energized and competent! :D

  2. Lots of weddings are going to be happen this year. Can anyone give me the list of perfect wedding venues LA?
    wedding venues malibu

    1. I'm located near Atlanta, Tami, so I don't know of any wedding venues in LA. I'm afraid I can't help you. Sorry! Have you checked with any LA bloggers? They might be able to give you some good information.

  3. Your engagement ring is uh-mazing!!!

    x Jasmine

    1. Thank you!! ^^ I love it! It is my very favorite-est ring on the planet!


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