Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wedding Plans: A Compromise to Remember

When we were getting old enough to start thinking about our own weddings, far away from each other, Caleb and I had very different ideas about what we wanted.  You've heard a bit about my woodland wedding ideas before.  I would love to get married outside in the forest with ferns and vines and green everywhere.  Girls in breezy dresses and boys in slacks with their shirt sleeves rolled up.  Caleb doesn't share the same affinity for my ideas.

Caleb is from Charleston and had the pleasure of growing up around churches like St. Michael's, First Baptist Church of Charleston, and the Greek Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity (links to pictures). His wedding visions included a beautiful chapel with pews and a long aisle.  Nice suits or tuxes, formal flowers, a string quartet for the ceremony, and a big band for the reception.

Night and day.

Finding compromises has been fun, but when neither of us are budging, it sucks.  Take the tablecloths, for example.  I was convinced that white butcher paper would be more than sufficient.  Low cost, same color as the white linen Caleb wanted, and you don't have to worry about it getting dirty because you're just going to throw it away!  Caleb was adamant anything less than linen tablecloths would not have enough class.  We were seriously butting heads, and the tears wanted to come.  There was just no way we could get around this!

Browsing Pinterest led me to the picture below that made me hope again.  (It sounds melodramatic, but that's really how I felt.)  Tentatively, I asked Caleb if this new idea would be satisfactory.  I told him I thought it was fine, and then he said he thought it was fine, too.  Both of us breathed easy again, and we're still getting married.  :P

The best compromise I made for my wedding | Lindsay Eryn
via A Practical Wedding


  1. Having different ideal weddings can be hard. I know when my sister got married her husband had already thought about what he wanted her to wear and what the bridesmaids were going to wear and at first he couldn't understand why all of us girls were staring at him going, "Um ... you do not get a say in what she wears." He was like, "But, it's my wedding too!" And yes, it is, but there some things that are off limits, haha.

    Could you maybe have a formal wedding ceremony in a big beautiful church with the boys in gorgeously handsome suits, and with your girls and yourself in wonderfully floaty and feminine dresses. You could have a flower girl with a gorgeous flower headpiece and feminine flowers. You could then have your reception in a gorgeous outdoor setting with linen tablecloths (with lots of woodland greenery as centrepieces) and a big band, and the boys could then take off their jackets and roll their sleeves up which then fits into your vision.

    Either way, good luck! I can't wait to see what you guys come up with!

    x Jasmine

    1. Oh, I Like that idea of suits for the ceremony, sleeves rolled for the reception! Thanks! And, so far, we've been finding good mediums for both the ceremony and the reception. Thankfully we have the same ideas on the very important things (getting married, officiant, friends and family, delicious food, and partaaay)! :)

    2. Oh, and ohmygosh, that is hilarious and ridiculous about your brother-in-law! How did he get the idea that he would have any say in the wedding dress?!! :P


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