Friday, May 24, 2013

Korean Beauty Products, Part 2

I started writing a few weeks ago about all of the Korean beauty products I used while over thee, but I quickly realized that everything from The Face Shop was going to be enough for one post in itself.  Here's the rest of my discoveries, all of which I recommend, by the way.

Skin Food Black Sesame Hot Mask

This next one's from a different Korean cosmetic shop, Skin Food.  It's a rub on/wash off mask made from sesame seeds.  I got a sample once and fell in love.  It smells (and tastes!) yummy and warm, and then when you apply it to your skin, the mask heats up.  It feels deliciously grainy, as if you really are putting on some healthy kind of food for your skin.  After washing it off, my face felt so soft, but nourished, too.  Boy, do I miss this stuff.
Available on KPopTown for $11.90

Missha eyeliner very black

This.  This is my favorite eyeliner I've ever found.  Granted, I haven't tried tons, but I know that I love this one.  It was recommended to me by a coworker whose winged eyeliner I complimented.  This brush pen eyeliner from Missha is perfect for drawing smooth lines along the edge of my lashes.  Perfect.
Available on KPopTown  for $11.80

 Now on to the products from Innisfree.  Innisfree was my  favorite cosmetics store to visit.  They put so much effort into making their stores look fresh, healthy, and beautiful.  At many of the locations, they would have an entire wall with plants growing all over it.  Also, Innisfree focuses on specific ingredients that they use in some of their lines.  I appreciate how a lot of these ingredients come from Jeju Island, a Korean island off its southwestern coast.  It makes me feel like Innisfree is trying to use close-to-home resources.  (Buy Local!)  They use seaweed, volcanic clusters, tangerine, prickly pear, green tea and camillia, all from Jeju.  Other non-Jeju ingredients include wine, olives, berries, and others.

Lee Min-Ho for Innisfree

This is a picture of Lee Min-Ho (이민호), K-drama star and celebrity face of Innisfree, at the opening of an Innisfree shop in Shanghai.  This store looks just like the ones in Korea, and you can see the plant wall I was talking about.
This picture is from LoveGHS's post about the event.

Nail polish from Korea

One of my favorite parts about ALL of the cosmetics shops in Korea was how, with so many shops, and with all of them housing nail polish, and especially with all of them being so cheap my creativity suddenly knew no bounds!  This time last year I bought the light blue and light orange in the picture.  :)
Available on KPopTown for $2.50 (On Sale!)

Face Shop lotion review

It wasn't until I got it home that I realized that this lotion was supposed to whiten my skin.  Considering that I couldn't see how my skin could get much whiter, though, I figured it wouldn't do much, and I used it with no worries.  Ah, oh!  It smelled Lovely!  This lotion had a light fragrance that smelled so clean and bright.  And it didn't make my skin feel greasy or clogged at all!  It was wonderful, and I was so happy to have found such great products, and in a foreign country, with no one to help me!
Available on KPopTown for $15.90 (On Sale!)

Face Shop cleanser product review

This is the cleanser I used.  It was mild and made my face feel clean without feeling dry.  It's made with seaweed from Jeju Island and is supposed to help fight acne (hence the "Anti-trouble" label).  I will say that my zits did decrease while I lived in Korea, which was surprising because of the awful pollution which usually makes skin break out, but my clearer skin may have been due to the fact that I was getting older.
Available on Ebay for $12.30

Innisfree wrinkle fighter product review

Lastly, after talking with a friend slightly older than me and learning that the young to mid 20's is the prime to start age-fighting, I went and bought this wrinkle fighter.  It also uses ingredients "the powerful regenerative energy of pure Jeju sea plants."  And, it worked.  Kinda.  When I first started using it, I noticed that it masked the circles under my eyes, but some days I would wake up and my eyes would feel just like some of the essence had seemed in and made them unhappy.  It's actually just today, after reading the English instructions on the Innisfree website, that it's supposed to be used, not for under-eye circles, but for the smaller wrinkles in the corners of your eyes and mouth.  Lesson learned.
Available on Ebay for $31.98

 I would like to hear what products you would recommend from your area or brands.  And, I hope that, if I live abroad again, I'll be able to find cosmetics just as easily but still obviously different from what I used back home.  I think it's so cool how different countries use different ingredients to build and enhance their cosmetics!

Be sure to check out the first post I published on Korean beauty products where I share my favorites from Face Shop.

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