Saturday, May 25, 2013

Recommended (+ struggles with feminism)

I'll put the song first so you can listen to it while you're looking over the rest.
"Young" by Daughter is a new and beautiful discovery from last week.

From Pinterest
I have recently accepted that the fox is now my favorite animal, and I started a new board for it two weeks ago.
Kumi Ito is a pinner with  great collections of things from Japan.
Check out Nobuo Tsuchiya's has Awesome country boards.
One more article, another one from my Friday evening:
"How my mother's fanatical feminist views tore us apart" by Rebecca Walker, daughter of famed feminist author Alice Walker

Because I stand for equality for the sexes, I am a feminist.  I do not agree that women should be over men, but they should be treated fairly and with dignity, as every human should be.  Over the last few years of reading articles and such about feminism and human rights issues and women being oppressed, I've seen a lot of people doing feminism right, and a few people who do it wrong.  Heck, I've been able to see how I was doing some things wrong.  I've also been able to identify a lot of ways that my views of women have been damaged, and I've been working hard to fix those things.

In this state of growth and having gone through many different perspectives by this point, I was very impressed to read Rebecca's personal account of one way feminism can be done wrong.  Rebecca called her mom out on a lot of things that had been resting in the back of my mind, too.  I'm thankful that her words have spoken into my mind and my heart, and I hope that their seeds will sprout strong and healthy.

What do you think about her article?  One of the parts that stuck out to me so strongly was her defense of motherhood.  I think I want to have kids one day, but I don't right now, and I've been having a hard time keeping motherhood and pregnancy in the right perspective.  The internal debate has been breaking my heart, actually, because I feel like I could be perceived as less of a woman if I don't want/have kids, but then I could be perceived as less of a Woman! if I break under the pressures of society.  It's a mess right now.  And it's all been brought to the surface because of the soon-to-be-made decision on birth control I have now that I'll be getting married.

Oy.  I should stop now before this gets worse.

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