Saturday, December 14, 2013

Recommended, Plus a Real Life Recommendation

Just a few things I'd like to share, because one can't know about everything on the internet without some help.

Fascinating photos of endangered tribal peoples by Jimmy Nelson

A Buzzfeed article telling you about the YouTube musicians you should know about (including 3 of my favorites, Pentatonix, Eric Whitacre, and Lindsey Sterling!)

There's a new online company called PinchMe pulls together samples of new products for you to try for free!

And now for the first real life product I've ever recommended...
I got a small package of the lightly salted flavor from PinchMe this week.  I ate them for a snack and loved them!  The flavor is unique, but not yucky.  The texture was like a Veggie Straw, but better. They were so tasty, but the 100 calorie allotment in the bag kept me from eating too many.  These things are great, and they're available at Kroger, Publix, Walmart, and Whole Foods (I believe in the produce aisle).

A tasty snack recommendation | Lindsay Eryn

Also, here's a crow sledding with a mayonnaise lid!  Watching this video made me smile so much.

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