Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 in Review

I know I've written about a good deal of things that happened this year, but let's cap it off.

New Things
  • I learned to drive a stick shift.
  • I went to the my husband's family's Thanksgiving in Florida and cooked stuffing for the first time.
  • I've started brewing and drinking loose leaf tea.
  • I found out I really enjoy pilates, and I'm pretty sure it helped me lose a little weight, which I gained back after my free classes stopped.
  • I joined a young professionals Bible study where I made real friends!
  • I'd say this year is the first I really started caring about politics and world events.  Caleb's huge into these things, and I've been trying to get involved with him, and the work has started to pay off!
  • I learned that I like pistachios after a whole life of hating them!
  • My blog post about products from the Korean cosmetic store Face Shop became my most popular post ever.  It's brought in over 6,000 views since it was published in May (which is a lot for me).  I'm still surprised as to why it took off like that.
Life Things
  • I got engaged and married to my very favorite person.
  • We spent the majority of the year at Crosspointe Church and loved it.
  • Wedding stress made me almost lose my mind because I saw myself as a manic control freak.  Thankfully ultra-focused effort made the wedding awesome.
  • Birth control stress was just as bad.  Stupid, stupid, stupid.
  • Caleb and I secured a place to live after our wedding just 2 days before our wedding day.  That was another avenue for stress, but we really like where we've ended up.
  • Basically: lots of stress, but worth it.
 Work Things
  • I got to volunteer at Operation Mobilization's international arts headquarters for a couple months in the spring.  Working with Christians was an amazing experience, and I hope I get the chance to do it again someday.
  • I spent each Friday morning of the summer going to Job Seekers meetings, which actually really helped me in my search.
  • I landed a job as an admin for a small group of women in the recruiting business.
  • Two weeks after graduation, Caleb got snatched up by a great interface engineering job he loves.
Other Things
  • I actually cried one night in November because I want a puppy so badly.  Haha!
  • I still haven't sent out all my wedding thank you cards.
  • Caleb and I are hooked on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., we can't wait for the next season of Sherlock, we're on the third season of Doctor Who, and we're going through Top Gear (season 8) and Kitchen Nightmares.  Oh, and I really enjoy Duck Dynasty.  I watched it when I had some free time on wedding weekend to help me relax.
  • My new favorite meme is doge.
  • I watched Green Mile for the first time and cried super hard.  I am never watching that again.
  • Caleb and I taught swing classes over the summer, and it was lots of fun!
  • I like being married. 
Next Things
  • In 2014, I think I would like to get a smartphone.
  • In 2014, I want to get back into exercising and reach my goal weight.
  • In 2014, I shamelessly hope to get a puppy.

My 2013 | Lindsay Eryn
2013, you brought me through a lot, and I must say I'm glad I'm through and looking forward to what's to come

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  1. 2013 was a huge year for you! Wow!

    I really hope you get a dog. I have everything crossed for you.

    x Jasmine


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