Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Something I've Always Liked: Moroccan Lanterns

One day I'd like to visit Morocco.  I have this vision of such new colors and smells and an entirely different ambiance from everything I've seen before.  Maybe I watched Alladin too many times growing up, but I imagine Morocco to be such an enchanting and invigorating place.
I think having some of lanterns like these is one way to bring home the magic.

A gorgeous detailed Moroccan lantern | Lindsay Eryn
via Moon to Moon

Detailed hanging silver Moroccan lanterns | Lindsay Eryn
for sale at Vivaterra $198-$498

Click here for decor inspiration including Moroccan lanterns.  I love the patterns the lights make on the walls and ceilings when lit!
Want even more Morocco?
I love-love traveling to different countries and cultures.  I'm not always able to travel whenever I like, but having things that remind me of what's out there help keep the excitement is a good way to encourage the wanderlust without pushing me over the edge to discontentment.  What things do you like to keep around you to nurture your soul?


  1. They're gorgeous! You should host a Moroccan dinner party to help bring Morocco to you!

    I love surrounding myself with antiques. Almost all our furniture is antique - from our 90 year old dining room table, to our 120 year old cupboard. Our house is almost 100 years old too (built in 1917).

    x Jasmine

    1. When I think of dates I want to plan, they always revolve around a certain theme. (Maybe that comes from my time at college when I was on the events teams.) There's an Middle Eastern restaurant nearby that I have a coupon for, and I've been wondering what else I could incorporate into a Middle Eastern evening. Maybe that would be a good time to debut some Moroccan lanterns in our apartment. :)

      I used to hate visiting antique shops with my mom, but now I find them fascinating! I hope I'm able to collect some, too. An old cupboard sounds lovely, and I'm sure your house looks so cool!


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