Thursday, December 5, 2013

Where to Buy Christmas Gifts Online

First of all, I admit that I'm not the most involved with online shopping, but I have made some new discoveries this year I want to tell you about.  Maybe they'll be helpful for you like they've been to me, or maybe they'll just show you more pretty things to fancy!

Where to buy Christmas presents that give back | Lindsay Eryn

I wrote about Scoutmob and their shop here before, but I want to make sure you know how awesome their shop is.  As their logo says, all their wares are made by independent crafters.  This means you can find literally unique things for your home (like these tables), carefully beaded jewelry (like these made by my friend Kelly), and all kinds of interesting and quirky things.  Me, I'd love to have this saddle blanket.  Isn't it perfect?

Where to buy Christmas presents that give back | Lindsay Eryn

Not only does Uncommon Goods have such a great variety of products of good quality and straight up cool stuff, check out their Mission Statement and About Us section!  Shopping with these guys lets you buy creative gifts at great prices while supporting independents and feeling like you've helped someone.  My wishlist from Uncommon Goods: These raw gemstone earrings, this tipping and steeping tea cup, these adorable hidden animal cups, and these delicate maple leaf ornaments.

Where to buy Christmas presents that give back | Lindsay Eryn

Adorable pajamas sold to create pathways to hope, freedom, and dignity for women escaping sex slavery, that's what you'll find at the International Princess Project.  The pajamas are called Punjammies, and there are new styles released every so often.  I'd take these cool capris and this top.

Where to buy Christmas presents that give back | Lindsay Eryn

 Sevenly started doing just one awesomely designed tee per week as they supported different causes (a new one each week), but they've added more tees, jewelry, and lots of other cool stuff.  Sevenly isn't just t-shirts anymore, and I'm so glad!  The causes they support are excellent, and I love giving them my money.  I also love getting things like the delicate necklaces they'll sell or bright tea towels.  Most of their products come and go (limited edition!), so any links I post will probably be broken soon.  Check out what they have now because the cool things you find won't be around for long!

Christmas gifts that give back | Lindsay Eryn

This one's just linking you to the blog of a woman who's done even more work.  Check out Kristen's list of 12 others shops over at her blog, Rage Against the Minivan.  (She mentions Punjammies, too.  :)  I've really liked those clothes since I learned of them in 2011.)

 Did I miss anything?  Where are you guys doing your shopping this year?

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