Monday, March 24, 2014

Brief Update

Most of my posts from the last few weeks have been pre-written and scheduled so I could take a break from blogging during Lent, but I wanted to check in to add some real-life human interaction to the scene.

  • I volunteered as a leader for D-Now again last weekend and had another amazing time, this time with a small group of high school girls.  (Here's the story from when I led in 2011.)
  • I fell sick with a nasty cold last weekend, too, and I should have stayed home on Monday and Tuesday last week (but didn't).  Thankfully, my co-workers were all very understanding and helped me in the office by answering the phones so I could rest my throat.
  • Tonight, Caleb and I are going on a date!  He's been spending most of his evenings working on an extra project that will help him at work, so we're taking this evening to spend time together over Japanese food at Miso Izakaya, and then we're going to see The Grand Budapest Hotel!  Besides Fantastic Mr. Fox, this will be my first Wes Anderson movie, and I'm very excited.
Life update from Lindsay Eryn

  • While sick, I was able to enjoy black Tetley tea for the first time since 2010.  I bought a box for myself on Wednesday, and now I'm itching to buy some half & half to pair with it.  (I take my black tea with cream and sugar.)  I've been leaving my herbal teas in their boxes these days, I'm so in love with Tetley!
  • It's spring!  I was able to take a walk down to the Centennial Olympic Park on Saturday.  It's just a mile from my place, so it's an easy walk.  I took my new book The Book Thief (soon to be a movie!) and read for a few pages before I got drowsy.  I wished I didn't have to walk all the way back, but obviously I survived.
  • When I was at the park, I noticed a family calling for a missing child.  One of the little sisters was crying terribly.  I felt horrible, but the family was telling security personnel and yelling for the boy, and I felt like there wasn't anything I could do.
  • Since Thursday, work has been very busy.  I didn't eat my lunch until 2 today, and things finally calmed down between 3 and 4.  I can't believe it's already 5 o' clock!  I guess time flies when you're insanely busy in a good way.
I hope you've had a great start to what will surely be a wonderful week.  I'm going to make a dentist appointment soon, and I hope I'll be able to bring some more warm weather appropriate clothing into my wardrobe before long.

How are you today?

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