Monday, May 5, 2014

Atlanta's Food Truck Park!

Last month, on one of our dates, Caleb and I headed to Atlanta's Food Truck Park for lunch, then to Piedmont Park for dog watching and frisbee throwing, then to Honey Pig in Duluth for Korean BBQ (and making out in the car).

I wish I had gotten to experience a bit more at the Food Truck Park, but we did hit up three trucks in 20 minutes, so I think I shouldn't be too hard on myself.  Also, we plan to go back soon!  I can't wait, because I'm pretty sure the Indian food truck was calling my name last time!

The Atlant Food Truck Park review Bento Bus King of Pops Spiedie Zone
Top left counter-clockwise: Loaded tots from Spiedie Zone, Rice bowl with avocado and cucumber added from Bento Bus, The Bento Bus, and a chocolate sea salt pop from King of Pops

Everything we had was delicious.  I loved my rice bowl from Bento Box, and I ate every bite.  I also loved my chocolate + sea salt popsicle from King of Pops.  I loved it so much, but I also wanted to try other flavors, so... Caleb gave me a strong warning ("Remember, you don't like how your stomach feels after you eat too much, but this is also a celebration day, so you can have a second one if you want"), and I skipped off to get a Thai tea pop, too!  It was really yummy, but I liked the chocolate one best.

One fun thing about our trip to Piedmont Park:
Caleb and I got to play frisbee for a long while, which was great because it takes me a long time to warm up and start throwing well.  Near the end of our playing, immediately after I made a pretty good catch from one of Caleb's throws, we hear a roar of applause off to the side.  We turn and see a group of twenty-somethings holding up score cards and clapping and shouting for us.  We laughed and the group explained that the whole thing had been filmed for a project.  Ha, I'd love to see that video.

Korean BBQ, guys.  Korean BBQ.  We spent way too much money on some of that delicious beautiful food, and I'm prepared to do it again, but maybe in another month so we can afford it.  :)
And then, making out in the car?  Married people can do it, too!  Yeah!

And that's all! 

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  1. That's a fun date idea! We don't have too many food trucks in our area, sounds like you have a good selection! Funny about the group filming you, and married making out is awesome haha.


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