Saturday, May 24, 2014

Recommended for Memorial Day Weekend + Petunias in Trouble!

Guys, this week I found aphids on my petunias!  I washed them off in the shower, and then sprayed them with a water + dish detergent mixture to keep them away.  The mixture is only effective when wet, so I made some more to use again just yesterday, but I must have put in too much dish detergent, because look at them now!

Damanged dark purple petunias

They used to be the deepest violet, and now they look bleached, poor things!  Surely I haven't damaged the heart of the plant, and new flowers will come in quickly, but I'm a little sad about my mistake.  Anyway, I'll be taking more care with them from now on.  Hopefully they'll be healthier the next time they make an apperance on the blog!

Now for cool things on the internet!

This photo gallery makes me homesick.

Cool photos of an abandoned airplane turned playground in the Congo!

A free computer screen cleaner! (I have this one bookmarked on my work computer.)

What do you think of this leafy umbrella and these grassy flip flops?

This bunny taking a shower looks like a scene from a cartoon.

So many historic pictures to sort through!

Also, I bought some linen pants last weekend!  They didn't have my size, so I had to buy a size too large, but I will get them hemmed and hopefully taken in a bit as well.  I like them a lot, and I can't wait to wear them around the house!

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