Thursday, July 10, 2014

My Work Anniversary Present and Introducing a Short Series

I've been here a year!  I've worked as an administrative assistant/office manager/recruiting coordinator for this power punching, darling little office for a year!

This has been the least stressful work year I've ever had.  Teaching children English and getting to love on them will always be my most rewarding job, but where I am now is an absolute second.  I get to work with professional peers and mentors and I'm part of a great team.  We appreciate each other, and we celebrate together.  Fun fact, my office is all women!  My mother-in-law still can't believe that we are a drama free zone, but it's true.

I really am lucky to have this job.  I get paid to organize!  I have my own office!  And you should see our Christmas party!  Also, I wanted to share this perfect little present my coworker got me to commemorate my first year!

Adorable gold fox ring

Reflecting on my first year leads me to think about the 6 months of job hunting that came before being hired.  One of the neat parts about working at a recruiting firm is that, even though I'm not in a position to get people jobs, I have picked up a lot of knowledge on how to interview well and present yourself well.  I want to pass along some tips from my pocket to people on the job hunt.  Throughout the rest of July, I'll be sharing posts on the following topics:

The Pursuit
The Résumé
The Interview Prep
The Interview & Follow Up

Check in as you like and feel free to share anything you think might be useful.  If you have any specific questions or if you'd like to know more about a recruiting coordinator's perspective, drop a comment or shoot me an email.

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