Friday, July 18, 2014

Recommended with a New Original Trail Mix!

Caleb and I went camping this past weekend, and we each made our own personal trail mix to take along.  I used this recipe from Chow.com as a springboard, and then I made plenty of adjustments.  And so, I'm sharing my first ever original recipe!

Follow all the directions listed on Chow, but you can use the ingredients below for a healthier version.  I used coconut oil for vegetable oil, agave nectar for honey, and I took out the brown sugar because coconut oil is sweet on its own, and I don't like very sweet snacks anyway.  I also made a smaller batch than Chow suggested, so my measurements are different.  And then for my add ins, I chose my favorites tasty things that, when combined, made the perfect summery, sweet and salty combination.  (I believe I added some salt at the end to tweak the taste a bit.) 

Golden Summer Trail Mix | Lindsay Eryn


Recommended with golden summer trail mix...
My good friend Alyssa has come to an amazing place in her fitness goals, and she's started writing about it here.  Follow with me?

My dad writes about the prospect of No Permanent Address.  I laughed (and cried a little).

Rubyella, a blogger in California I follow, usually shares links every week, like how I do every so often.  Last week, she shared small confessions instead.  I like this idea, and I'm going to collect some of my own confessions for next time.

While we were camping, my brother-in-law saw a fox near our campsite at night.  It was watching one of the blue lights we had.  I'm sorry I missed the fox, but this video makes up for it.

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