Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Foxy Holiday Giving Inspiration

Just like with the star gazer collection last week, I've curated some foxy favorites for gift giving inspiration.  I tend to pin lots and lots of fox things, so this collection took me a long time to narrow down!

A collection of fox holiday gift inspiration

#1 Snowy fox sweater from Modcloth
#2 Lambswool fox mittens from Article Apparel on Etsy
#3 Organic bib from Nest Organics (no longer available)
#4 Phone case from Wonder Forest
#5 Fox clasp belt from Modcloth
#6 Foxy print (or shirt or phone case) from Threadless
#7 Customizable fox address stamp from mapleandcotton on Etsy
#8 Fox family stuffed animals from Anthropologie 
#9 Adjustable fox ring from petitformal on Etsy (These are sold on many Etsy sites and I think Amazon, too, so search around for the best deal!)

What kind of gifts will you be searching for this season?

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