Monday, December 1, 2014

What Are You Like When You're Sick?

Last Monday, I woke up with a dull headache in the back of my head, the kind that makes you want to be in bed with no responsibilities and with the lights out.  Instead of going back to sleep, I had to head to work, which momentarily became my least favorite place to be.  Thankfully, most of my human interaction was over the phone that day, and I noticed that I was especially gentle and kind whenever I had to speak to someone.

Poor sick puppy hides under pillows

 When I get sick, I usually get a little whiny if Caleb's around, but in general, I slow down and become very easy going.  I make my own chicken soup.  I don't care about what's going on around me.  If I'm not able to rest in bed, I try to rest my mind and my body by staying still.

What about you?  How do you feel mentally and emotionally when you're sick?  Does it change depending on your ailment?  What things make you feel better?  I always feel better after a hot shower, and if I have a sore throat, Caleb will make me citrus tea with lots of honey stirred in.

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