Friday, January 22, 2016

Recommended with Art Angels by Grimes

My friend Brit recently recommended I check out the album Art Angels by Grimes because he heard I liked K-pop.  He gave me the caveat that "she makes some weird stuff, though.  Some really weird stuff."  The music wasn't as weird as I expected to be, but a lot of it is unusual.  I think that's one of the reasons I ended up enjoying the album so much, though.

Art Angels introduces you to a lot of different sounds. "Scream" is feminine, ferocious and dangerous.  "Flesh Without Blood" reminds me of Russian techno, actually.  "In the Belly of the Beat" is the one I'd recommend to everyone, because I think has a beauty that's easiest to appreciate.  Those three are my favorite songs from the album, but I've been listening to the whole album on repeat for half a week now.  You can listen to everything here on Spotify.  I'd love to hear your thoughts!
Recommended music: Art Angels by Grimes

And while you're listening, check these out!

I'm definitely a dog person, but wow is this cat lovely.

Okay, not just on principle I need to give you a dog picture, too.  :)

I love wrapping up in cozy warm outer layers.  This sweater looks so comfy and chic!

Since I have a new terrarium (and since it needs new plants (RIP other plants)), I've started a terrarium board on Pinterest for pictures of and inspiration for the lush and fern-filled variety.  I'm a total beginner, and if you know of any other resources I should be checking out, please send them my way!

One day I'm going to take on this challenge.

I have a feeling this phone could change lives.  I'm 100% serious.

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