Friday, January 15, 2016

Recommended with bulgogi

Since living in Korea for 16 months a while back, I've been a huge fan of Korean food.  Surprisingly, it's been a slow process of bringing good Korean recipes into our home cooking repertoire.  Honestly, I'm usually worried to try making a new dish because I'm afraid that I won't make it right and I'll just be disappointed.  Thankfully Caleb doesn't have that same perspective.  Last month, he whipped up some bulgogi using this recipe by Maangchi, and I'm so glad he did!  It became an instant favorite and we've had it once a week ever since.

Easy and Korean bulgogi recipe

Caleb's said that this recipe is very easy, and I can vouch for how delicious it is.  I highly recommend trying it out!  We like to eat it over rice with an egg fried over easy, some kimchi, and some mung bean sprouts sauteed with a little bit of kimchi juice.  The meat makes for great leftovers, too!  Let me know if you try it!

Recommended with this super awesome delicious Korean bulgogi...

This quote from Levi Lusko.  I got to volunteer at the Passion Conference this last weekend.  I didn't get to hear much of the speakers, but I did hear this.  Levi's little girl died a few years ago, and he's been sharing about the depth of that experience.  What he has to say is absolutely amazing, and I highly recommend checking him out or reading his book.

Two things you should do to communicate better by John Saddington (quick read!)

Oh my gosh, this puppy!

Christmas has past, and getting presents for others probably isn't on the radar anymore.  Now is the time to read this post!

Atlanta people, if you've been wanting Japanese food but don't want to go to Burford Highway, just come to West Midtown!  Ginya Izakaya rocked my taste buds last weekend.  Here's the review I wrote!

A 500-year-old love letter that might make you cry

One of my beefs with modern feminism is how often they make men out to be an enemy to be treated poorly.   If feminists truly cared about equality like they say they do, you'd think they'd speak out against things like the unfairness toward men in divorce.  This article focuses on the processes in England, but a lot of the same prejudices and favoritism is in practice in America, too.  (Anyone see Ant-Man?  Or this story from HONY?)

A beautiful picture of Yosemite Valley by Phil Hawkins


  1. It really is heartbreaking that men are considered the "lesser" parent. Why is it when men are with their children without the mother, they're "babysitting"? You would never say that about kids with just their mother! And it is so sad that when parents get divorced the dad kind of seems to become "other" to the family. And oh my goodness, that story from HONY is just not right at all. That is so heartbreaking. That poor man and his little girl!

    1. It is heartbreaking and so much more common than we realize, I'm sure.

  2. Those Liz Lange maternity tops are fantastic. I'm in love with them.

    And that letter definitely made me cry.


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