Monday, February 6, 2012

A little about food

Korean food's pretty scrumptious, and there are many, many other cuisines to choose from for dinner options, but I often get the hankering for a real American burger.  They just don't make them here like they do back home.  Another food craving?  American breakfast.  The Koreans often eat kimchi and rice for breakfast (much like lunch), and while I'll go for scrambled eggs or yogurt instead, nothing beats that solid spread of toast, sausage, pancakes, and grits.  Thankfully, about 20 minutes from my house lies one of my favorite restaurants: Butterfinger Pancakes.  It's open almost all night, and it serves the best breakfast food I've had since being home.

Two of my friends headed over there last Saturday.  Here's what we got.  It tasted just like America, and I cannot wait to go and to eat this mouth watering food again.

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  1. That looks super yummy! I love big breakfasts like that. Cereal just doesn't measure up!

    PS I tagged you in today's post!


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