Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Transient Community

Today I said good bye to my good friend Sam.  He leaves Korea in 3 days to start a new life in San Fransisco.  Amanda, my "older sister" who encouraged me so much in my decision to come here, leaves in about 3 weeks.  Five of my co-workers including two of my best friends from work will be finishing up their contracts and heading back to The West next weekend.
I don't know when I'll see these people again, and I'm pretty sad about it.

While new people are coming in to fill the empty teaching positions left behind, the good byes I'm saying now are much more pungent than the hellos that are on their way (as my friend Drew said once).

When my family lived in Puerto Rico near the Naval base, my mom had to say good bye to many dear friends who were on the island for only three years before moving to a new area to serve.  She's told me that you make friends fast in those circumstances.  The hourglass sand doesn't wait.  But, even though it sucks having to part ways, you're both better for having taken the risk and making the most of the time you had.

The reunions I have when I return home will be great, but today I imagined myself  falling into my family's arms and weeping for the family I've left behind.

"Homecoming" - Kanye West
"Home" - Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros
"Coming Home" - Diddy - Dirty Money

Best Bible Study group Evarr!
Leaving these people?  Not okay.

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